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Help Yimeng Orphans and Unsupported Children Highlight Yimeng Enterprises' Responsibility

Time:2021/5/22 17:10:58

Shandong Xingang Group donated 10 million to help orphans and unsupported children

On the morning of May 12, the Donation Ceremony of Shandong Xingang Group was held in the Municipal Administration Service Center. Li Yucai, former administrative vice minister of the Ministry of Forestry, Zhang Shaojun, executive deputy director of the Provincial Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee, Wang Ande, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Jiang Shili, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, Wei Xiaoxin, chairman of Shandong Xingang Group, attended the Ceremony and delivered speeches.

The Ceremony was presided over by Zhu Shaoyang, director of the Municipal Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee. At the ceremony, Wei Xiaoxin introduced the situation of Shandong Xingang Group and donated 10 million yuan on behalf of the Group to help the orphans and unsupported children in our city. Xu Futian, president of Linyi Charity Federation, accepted the donation, and Wang Ande presented the Certificate of Honor to the group.

Wang Ande pointed out: Doing a good job of caring for the next generation is related to the success of the party and the country. We must always focus on the fundamental task of "foster virtue through education", put ideological education in the first place, guide and educate teenagers to carry forward the Yimeng spirit, inherit the red gene, and unswervingly follow the party’s lead. The Propaganda Department must vigorously promote meritorious deeds and models, set a benchmark, and create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to participate in the work of caring for the next generation.

Zhang Shaojun fully affirmed the philanthropic act of Shandong Xingang Group and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Linyi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government who have always cared about and supported the work of the next generation on behalf of the Provincial Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee, and sincere greetings to caring companies and people from all walks of life.

Wei Xiaoxin pointed out: As a native Yimeng enterprise, Xingang Group has been an proponent and practitioner of Yimeng spirit since its establishment. In the days of hard work, we bear hardships and stand hard work, dare to win, and forge ahead. We have always maintained the glorious tradition of loving the party and the army. We also bear the responsibility of selfless dedication. We are the epitome of the simple and kind-hearted Yimeng people in the new era. This donation activity is another starting point for Xingang Group. We will continue to be engaged in charity for future development and expansion, and contribute to accelerating the realization of Linyi's strategic transformation of "from large to powerful, from beautiful to rich, from new to refined"! For the next step, Xingang Group will continue to seize opportunities, create new industrial projects with high standards, repay the leaders at all levels and colleagues from all walks of life for their love and support with a strong development trend and firm pace, and contribute to the construction of a new Yimeng.

After the Ceremony, Li Yucai, Zhang Shaojun and other leaders, accompanied by Chairman Wei Xiaoxin, and President Wei Ziming went to the Group to investigate the relevant situation of the company's Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee.

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